Men Wanna Know. What Do Women Want?


Men Wanna Know. What Do Women Want?

4) Women want a man they can trust.  This is tricky for some men. In a misguided attempt to protect their woman from painful reality, they either lie by omission, or flat out create a fable.  Please don’t do that.  No matter how badly the truth may initially sting, a woman needs to count on you to always tell her the unadulterated and complete truth.  About everything. She will see how you go through great pains to avoid saying cruel words to her, while at the same time you express yourself with sincerity. You prove to be a man of your word.  When you are consistent in word and deed, your woman can feel totally confident that when you tell her something, that is how it is or how it will be. That trust in you is KEY to maintaining your woman’s high regard and love. Once you slip up and behave in a selfish way or intentionally do anything to  damage trust, the 100% open hearted, no holds barred love your woman has will also be damaged. Sometimes the damage a loss of trust creates is irreparable. Should that happen and you lose not only your woman’s trust, but the entire relationship.

5) Women want a man that is a true partner – a man who possesses a sense of fun and romance.
  Some men feel if they go to work and come home, don’t cheat and don’t beat their wives, that they have done something special. Though that’s a good start, you cannot stop there. Your woman is looking for you to provide your energy and presence to your children, to your marriage, and to your extended family and community as well.  She wants you to really talk to her, about things that matter.  Notice things about her – things she does and says and wears and wants. Compliment her regularly… a 5 to one ratio of compliments vs. complaints will work wonders for your love life. Boost her confidence with your belief in her abilities and show pride in her achievements.  Encourage her light to shine.
Give her some free time just to be herself. Why not take the kids for pizza and a movie so she can have a bath, do her hair, or read a book in peace?  She wants romance with you Lover Boy! Why not hire a sitter and surprise your wife with a dinner date and club dancing like you did when you first met?  How about a couples massage and spa treatment one weekend? Partners work hard together, but they also play together. A woman loves a man that can be silly and make her laugh with engaging jokes and witty banter… a man that is full of surprises. When things are awful her man can find the humor in the situation and make everyone around him relax and laugh.


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