Navigating Life's Big Changes With Ease

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Navigating Life's Big Changes With Ease
Making the changes in your life work for you.

Symbolic action
Symbols are the language of the unconscious and creating simple rituals to release, ground, and/or celebrate enables us to anchor the changes we're experiencing in our deepest selves. Writing down my fears/blocks/negative patterns on an egg and smashing it is a favorite letting-go ceremony of mine. Or carving your dreams and wishes into a big candle and letting it light your way into the next stage is a unique way to keep your goals front and center. Thinking "rite-mindedly" is a fun and powerful way to ground all of the work and new awareness that arises in the transition process.

Sensory stimulation
In the midst of an intense change cycle we too often get stuck in our heads. Activating our senses enables us to stay fully embodied in the process. Imbue a favorite piece of jewelry with a quality you most want to embrace (patience, trust, forgiveness) to create a special talisman or touchstone. Our sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system, the seat of our emotions and memories – check out which essential oils work best for calming (chamomile) or alleviating depression (geranium). Color therapy works in the same way, and of course music can be used to motivate, sooth, or inspire, too. Do some research and experiment.

By practicing these 4 "S's", as well as understanding the very predictable stages of transition, you can bring a sense of SELF-centered power to life's big changes – whether you're having a baby or getting divorced, receiving a promotion or experiencing the loss of a partner, celebrating a child's graduation or your own. You may not always (or ever!) be able to slow down or stop the roller coaster of change in your life, but you can certainly learn tools to make the ride a little less scary.

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