Perspective: One of the Secrets of Radiant Health?


Perspective: One of the Secrets of Radiant Health?
Your perspective is one of the greatest factors to a life filled with health...or disease.

We’ve all heard that our perspective, which is our outlook, slant, or point of view is important when it comes to our happiness and success. It’s our perspective that acts as the lens to our view of the world around us as well as how we act and how we react to all that we see. All we need to do is look around and see how those with a positive perspective, who embrace life with passion and a desire to create and contribute-thrive. We also see that those with a negative perspective, who numbly get through their days often do little more than survive. Well, not only does our perspective create the life we live, it’s also one of the greatest contributors to a life filled with health and wellness or…illness and disease.

Two people can be in the exact same position and it’s their perspective that can create or compromise their health. For example, picture two people sitting in traffic. It’s the same situation for both but the way they each choose to view the situation can be entirely different. One person can be using the time to unwind, listen to music, listen to an audio book or learn something new through a recording or CD. Another person, in the same situation, becomes angry and frustrated, choosing to use that time to bang on the steering wheel and drown in a sea of stress induced hormones. While it’s the same situation for both, it’s the one who’s choosing a more positive perspective and reaction to the event that will enjoy greater health and wellness. Why?


Unmanaged, chronic stress coming from a negative perspective creates physical, mental and emotional wear and tear. It’s hard to imagine because we relate something physical to a physical problem. For example, you stub your toe, it hurts. So how can a feeling or emotion (which is driven by our perspective) cause illness, even disease?

We have either positive or negative emotions and every emotion bathes the body in hormones and chemicals. Positive emotions such as feelings of love, joy and happiness, flood the body with “feel good” hormones and endorphins which nurture, heal and support the body (these are the same chemicals that are secreted during a “runner’s high.”) On the other hand, every negative emotion floods the body with stress hormones. These are the hormones that are ignited by the stress response, which is crucial to your survival but damaging when continuously released. This stress response, which we know as the “flight or fight” response, is what enables you to react quickly in order to get out of harms way. For example, if a car is coming towards you, it’s this magnificently designed response that enables you to quickly jump the curb to safety. It’s designed to keep you safe and works perfectly over the short term. When under chronic stress coming from a negative perspective however, this same system is ignited…and not turned off. This same system that’s designed to protect you over the short term is causing enormous wear and tear over the long term leading to symptoms, illnesses, conditions and disease.

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