Enjoying the Holidays Weight Gain Free


 Enjoying the Holidays Weight Gain Free
Is there a way to enjoy the holidays weight gain free? Read and find out!

While the holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends, for many of us, it’s also a time to kick our healthy eating to the curb until January 1st. How can you enjoy the holidays while remaining weight gain free? Here are a few ideas:

Always start with a healthy breakfast-It kick-starts your metabolism and is a great time to load up on fresh fruit, healthy protein and fiber.


• Dress strategically-Wearing fitted clothes provides a subconscious reminder to keep from overindulging because they’ll feel snug when you start to overdo it versus clothing that stretches right along with you.

Don’t save your calories- Saving your calories for a big meal? DON"T. Being overly hungry leads to overeating every time. Having a light snack of 100-200 calories before a party will keep your judgment in tact and will allow you to make better decisions.

• Try the clutch trick- When heading out to a party, bring a clutch bag instead of one with a shoulder strap (or tuck the strap in the bag). By holding your purse you've instantly eliminated a free hand that could be grabbing high fat/calorie appetizers.

• Preplan your drinks- Will you limit your drinking to one or two drinks? Alternate between drinks and a non-alcoholic beverage? Drink a wine spritzer to cut the amount of wine you're drinking in half? Choose whichever plan feels best and stick with it.

• Preplan your travel snacks- Be sure to pack some healthy snacks and drinks if you’re traveling. Chances are whatever you pack will be healthier than what you’d find along the way.

• Eat a balanced meal-By eating balanced meals of fruits/vegetables,lean protein and some healthy fat you’ll feel more balanced and will be less likely to binge later on.

• Get enough sleep-A lack of sleep will encourage you to search for more energy, usually through sugar or caffeine. Get enough sleep to avoid a sugar induced energy surge…and crash.

• Restaurant ordering- Since you may be dining out than usual, here are a few healthier menu words to look for. Baked, broiled, grilled, steamed, roasted, seasoned, poached, seared and red sauce. Words that signify a food is heavier in fat or calories are fried, breaded, battered, crispy, cheesy, buttery, creamy, stuffed and white sauce.

• Be a food snob- Only eat what’s special for that holiday and shun foods you can have on any occasion. By having what’s significant to the holiday and allowing for a taste of the special foods served only during that time of year, you’ll feel part of the celebration without going overboard.

• Don't feel pressured to eat everything-Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to eat it. Need a mantra? How about “It looks better in the garbage/on the table than on me!”

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