When Love Manifestation Turns Into Mani-Frustration


When Love Manifestation Turns Into Mani-Frustration
Tried a vision board, affirmations, & man wish-list and still no results? The true secret is here.

Trying to force love to happen gives you the reverse effect because this accompanies the feeling of fear, tension and even anger. Your energy is tight and no one will be able to relax around you, especially potential mates. They can feel your anxiety and they don’t know why they feel so uncomfortable so they don’t call or want to get closer to you. It isn’t that you aren’t pretty or handsome enough, but your funky energy is making them feel claustrophobic. You may have experienced this with love and money, as feast or famine. When you relax it seems that you get more attention and more opportunities to get what you want. You are more attractive.

The key is to hold the vision not too tight and not too lose with the power of faith. Just like when you hold a golf club, a tennis racket or even a pen. It only works when the energy is balanced somewhere in the middle. You keep moving forward and do your best to not fall into fear. Trust that your divine intelligence is working right now to rearrange circumstances so you can meet your soul mate or attract the wealth that you desire. Each time you apply too much pressure, you distort the signal of what you want and interrupt the process.

Of course, you also have to let go of the fear of having the love, money or life of your dreams too. Believe that everything that comes to you (both good and bad) is an answer to your prayer to bring what you want. Every upset, ending of a relationship and mistake is an opportunity for you to grow. You don’t want to meet an extraordinary love before you are ready to receive him or her.

By taking action with joyful expectation you will be led to where you need to be every time. You can’t see the whole picture so you must have faith that each misstep is necessary on your path to amazing love. You don’t want to settle for mediocre like your unconscious friends who think this self-help stuff is a little wacky. Your journey may take a bit longer, but the rewards are much richer with a conscious love relationship that they will envy.

Remember that you don’t have to have 100% faith for things to change, just a little over 51%. The day before I met Roberto I wasn’t perfect. I still had doubts and still had a bit of manifrustration at 41 years old. Even when things seemed to being going nowhere, something subconscious had changed in me that I really wasn’t aware of until I finally met him. You really don’t know how it will turn out until the person of your dreams actually arrives.

The cure for manifrustration is having faith and joyful anticipation. Do not to use your lack of results to beat up on yourself and others. Roberto always says, “When you don’t have faith, it is like an insult to God.” Realize the power you have within you to transform your external experience. Instead of believing in the external as more powerful than you, go inside and believe in your dreams to override the current movie that is playing on the screen of your life. Love yourself exactly as you are and trust that someone is seeking you just as much as you are seeking them.

When you understand that your lack of results is a sign that of how powerful you are to create what you don’t want through your thoughts and feelings, you can easily turn your focus around and be unstoppable to manifesting miracles every day. All it takes is a shift of control and realizing the truth of who you are to turn everything around. You are not weak, broken or unlovable, you are an unlimited being.

Hold yourself in the highest place as a powerful creator. Anytime you face an obstacle, you must throw your shoulders back and claim the mantra we say in Jersey, “Who’s bigger than me right now, NO-BODY!” Get into the habit of believing and nothing can stop you from having the love, money or life that you envision right now.

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Debi Berndt is the co-founder of CreativeLove.com, a personal development system for singles to stop fixing themselves and finally find true love. She works with her partner, Dr. Robert Maldonado (Psychologist). Their system was developed based on Carl Jung's work and influenced by Eastern Philosophy.  Debi is also the author of the bestselling book, LET LOVE IN. Get your free lecture and meditation - Why you are single and how to find love without fixing yourself here.

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