Growth: The Unexpected Gift Of A Breakup

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Growth: The Unexpected Gift Of A Breakup
Breakups are a love wake-up call that show you what's out of alignment with your relationship goals.

Once you can put the emotions to the side for a bit, you'll be able to clearly see the things that did and didn't work for you in the partnership. You'll probably discover things about yourself and about your ex that will shed some light on why things failed. When you figure out what did and didn't work in your old relationship, you'll know what you want to be different about your next one. 

A breakup also gives you the chance to look at yourself differently. Lots of the people I work with discover they developed some bad habits in their relationship that they became ready to leave behind with their ex. We all make compromises to be in a relationship. Some compromises are easier to make than others. Some are too much, and prevent us from being our best selves. 

When you take the time to look closely at who you were in the relationship, you just might discover that you're better off without it — and more able to be completely you. I call this process rediscovering the best of yourself. 

By taking the time to look at your breakup from more than just the emotional turmoil it created in your life, I know you'll be able to choose your next relationship wisely. It will be even better than the last and, as a bonus, you'll like and appreciate yourself more too.

Now you can get on to living the best of your life.

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Debi Berndt


Debi Berndt is the co-founder of, a personal development system for singles to stop fixing themselves and finally find true love. She works with her partner, Dr. Robert Maldonado (Psychologist). Their system was developed based on Carl Jung's work and influenced by Eastern Philosophy.  Debi is also the author of the bestselling book, LET LOVE IN. Get your free lecture and meditation - Why you are single and how to find love without fixing yourself here.

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Dr Karen Finn

Divorce Coach

Dr. Karen Finn is a divorce coach and the owner of The Functional Divorce. She works with people through all the different life changes divorce creates so they can get to living the best of their lives.

She is the author of On the Road from Heartbreak to Happiness daily messages to help you help yourself heal from divorce.

Dr. Karen is happy to give you "The 5 Things You MUST Know About Your Divorce". In it you'll get the information you need to be prepared for how your divorce will change your life.



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