Managing Your Student's College Acceptance or Rejection, Pt.2


Managing Your Student's College Acceptance or Rejection, Pt.2
Cracking into the heart wrenching side of rejection.

When he walked around a campus filled with a lot of beautiful women and jocks tossing football in the quad, he realized that those two items were important in his college choice though they had not been on his original selection criteria. 

  • I suggest buying some school apparel at each visit.  If they aren’t willing to buy any logo merchandise I think that is a good indicator they don’t see themselves on this campus.  On the flip side, watch what your kid wears when going out with his friends.  I found it was a good predictor of when our kids decided to attend college. 
  • Your ride may be bumpy but have faith that this too shall pass.  When surveyed after the first year of college, most students say they can’t imagine going anywhere else.  The college they are attending is the perfect and right choice for them.  And remember that attending this college isn’t a life sentence.  There’s always the transfer option, but don’t be surprised if that other school goes forgotten!
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