A College Student's Perspective


A College Student's Perspective
As students we’re told a lot of things that we ought to be doing. Here's one thing NOT to be missed!

Sometimes people get weirded out by the term life coach though. They think it has some bad connotation, as if you’re in therapy because you are degenerate. But if wanting to be a better person is a crime, then the first people you need to convict are athletes everywhere. What happens when an athlete has talent? They get a personal coach! And this coach is focused on their needs. They spend their time thinking about how to make their player a better athlete and how to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

Now I’m sure if you look hard enough, you might be able to find someone who made it to the Pro’s without a coach helping them along the way. But 99% of the time, all of those success stories who look up to see their names in lights have had not one, not two, but many, many coaches in their lifetime. The same thing goes for singers and songwriters, actresses and artists. When we see potential in them we say, “Hey, have you taken lessons? You really should. You’re great!” So why does that not hold for our intellectual potential and emotional happiness? Why doesn’t anyone look at me and say, “Hey you! Yes you. I see that you can be happy. Really, incredibly happy. I think you can be great at what you do while being happy too. You really should look into that.”? I’m not quite sure. It might be because we’re so used to being stressed out and overworked that nobody has realized that a better way exists, a way where we can enjoy college and growing up while still managing to balance our future goals with our present happiness.


But guess what? I’m here to tell you, yes you, that I do see happiness and contentment in your future. I see balance and success and many moments where your friends look at you in exasperation and ask, “How do you do it?!” And I’m here to tell you that I really think you should look into getting that whole thing jumpstarted.

Christie--NYU Senior 2013

***Note: But not all the time! If you’re like me, the path in life I see myself going down requires a college degree. While you can certainly find success with bad grades, good grades will smooth that path so you have to fight just a little less to get to a place you’ll love.

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