7-Steps for Understanding The Meaning Of Your Dreams


 7-Steps for Understanding The Meaning Of Your Dreams
Are you wondering what that weird dream means? Follow these 7 steps for demystifying your dreams.
  • What is the situation?
  • What does it takesplace?
  • What is the action? If for example, you dream of a horse, how is that horse behaving? Is it nervous, calm, menacing, flying, tethered or in your bedroom? Are you riding the horse, walking next to it?

6. Share your dream. Sharing your dream with other passionate dreamers will bring out deeper meanings. Without interpreting another person’s dream, the exchange of possibilities and different perspectives reveal hidden gems we may not have noticed. The experience of a sacred circle of trusted dreamers can be very enlightening.

7. Questions: Each dream will provoke different questions that help you understand the meaning.


  • Why did I have this dream and how might it relate to my life now?
  • What am I grateful for in this dream?
  • What actions will you take based on what you have learned?
  • Give your dream a title to help you remember it more vividly.

Do you wonder about your dreams?

Feel free to leave a question in the comments or share one of your dreams if you like.

Do you want help understanding the meaning of your dreams? I am a Dream Worker who studied for many years with Rolande Biès, a Jungian psychologist trained by Marie-Louise Von Franz, Carl Jung’s renowned assistant. Blending my coaching tool kit, multi-cultural life experience and dream studies I help my clients decode and discover the fabulous seeds of transformation and healing waiting to blossom through understanding the meaning of their dreams. Understanding your dreams is also a great stress reliever!

Contact me today for more information and to schedule your Dream Session.

Sweet Dreams!


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