Tips For Kicking Off The Combat Boots From Past Relationships


Tips For Kicking Off The Combat Boots From Past Relationships
Consciousness, the first "C" of Passionate Compatibility or how to stop judging yourself and others.

• Next, think of a role where your True Self shines. Are you a volunteer, a creative artist, a best friend, parent, or a trusted computer geek? Here's where it gets fun! I’m giving you total permission and bragging rights for taking center stage in your performance of your Best True Self. No one does it better than you!  What do you enjoy most about this role? What makes it really fun and motivates you to be the best you can be? How do you know you’re really good at what you do?  And most of all, feel your posture when you know you are at your best. I’ll bet you’re standing tall and proud, shoulders back and chest forward, ready to tackle whatever comes your way with a “nothing stops me” attitude.

• Finally, identify where you are hiding in the shadows of self doubt in your relationship. Acknowledge your doubts and then ask yourself what part of you is keeping you a prisoner and why. Think about your answers above and fully imagine being in one of the roles where Your True Self shines. Feel your posture and energy shift then step into and through your doubts with the same confidence you know you have in other roles. It’s not about bragging here. It’s about being authentic and honest and feeling empowered, knowing you can face your fears squarely and rise above them.


Now it’s time to kick off those Combat Boots and make 2012 Your Year of Passionate Compatibility! 

Passionately yours,


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