The Secret Ingredient To Freedom In Your Relationships


The Secret Ingredient To Freedom In Your Relationships
It seems so obvious and yet how often do we just forget to express this one attitude?

Imagine the joy you bring to elderly parents when you give them the loving gift of gab by listening geneorously from the heart to a story you know by heart and could seriously start grating on your nerves...if you weren't so grateful.

Gratitude for the people who have touched you, for the ones who are no longer here, things and experiences you've had and for the exciting ones still to unfold, is what will ultimately give you all the Freedom to create whatever you want in your life and your relationships!


Now go out and shine your grateful brilliant smile to those around you and the world and tell them how grateful you are! I can see the universe getting brighter already! And enjoy the fireworks!

Wishing you a joyous, Happy 4th of July!

Blissfully gratefully yours,









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