Saying "Yes" to You "No" To Others Without Feeling Guilty


Saying "Yes" to You  "No" To Others Without Feeling Guilty
If you're resentful from saying "Yes" to everyone but YOU, it's time to learn to say "NO"...Now!

Commitment statement: I always act with integrity. I am vigilant and attentive that when I say “Yes” to another person, I am not saying “No” to me. I give myself permission to put myself first without feeling selfish.

My Personal freedom is important to my ____________________________________________.
My Personal Freedom provides me with _____________________________________________.
When I don’t have my Personal Freedom my life is ______________________________________.


Every day for the next 30 days, I give myself permission to say “No” to demands that I cannot fulfill without “Yes” to me and focus on my Personal Freedom. I promise to treat myself to simple gestures of pleasure, indulgence and recognition to honor myself first and foremost. By taking time for myself and my needs, I am ultimately making room for more ______________________________ in my life.

Now go treat yourself to something special like a new journal to write in, fresh flowers every day or create a special altar just for you where you can relax and meditate.

Enjoy getting back in touch with your Personal Freedom! Share your comments and ideas with everyone here, too. I would love to hear how it feels to take back your Personal Freedom.

If you're struggling with that nagging feeling of giving too much, afraid to say "No" to others and "Yes" to you, I can tell you in less than 60 minutes exactly why you are behaving that way and what you need to do to change. Click here to take my proven Compatibility Index and find out what's holding you hostage to your Personal Freedom.

To your Personal Freedom,

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