Unpacking Your Emotional Baggage


How To Unpack Baggage For The Emotionally Unavailable
Let's get real. Who doesn't have any baggage? It's all about how you unpack and stow it.

Not all baggage brings negativity and bad emotions. Sometimes, baggage can be overwhelming in a positive way. Baggage can remind us of our impact on the world and what it is like to love and be loved. That's exactly what happened to me at our first workshop for The Durga Project, an art therapy program I founded for women survivors of torture, when one of the participants said "Thank you for caring about us so much. Thank you for creating this for us. I have never felt so relaxed, free and unstressed."

These words brought a flood of emotions, a few tears to my eyes and goosebumps. I was so touched, so moved that the only words I could utter without completely losing it were "Thank you. You are the real gifts to me, by trusting me to be part of your healing journey."


Why was I so emotionally affected? On the surface level, it's easy to see: this was an important event and an incredible thing to hear. The deeper reason, however, is that her words triggered a response from some old baggage I had been hanging onto. It mirrored back to me the feelings of a little girl who felt unheard and uncared for by her parents; a little girl who sometimes might still be struggling to be heard, recognized and cared about by her mother.

As I end, let me say that I love my mother with all my heart and would not change her for the world. Her generosity is beyond measure and I see pearls of wisdom from deeper discussions we have enjoyed. We've both grown up, but our personal baggage still tumbles out sometimes.

At the end of your trip, it's all about how you claim your lost luggage, honestly leave behind what you don't need and gently repack it. That suitcase has your name on it and always will. Where do you get ambushed by your lost luggage? How do you repack it?

To claiming your baggage!


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