Mastering Communication Secret #7 Celebrate Your Authentic Self


Mastering Communication  Secret #7 Celebrate Your Authentic Self
Celebrating your authentic self is essential for conflict resolution communication mastery.

Where in your life have you hidden out behind your mask. Set up 2 vertical columns and on the left, write down all the lace you have been a stand-in for your own leading role. Next to each one, write down how it felt. Be brutally honest. Were you justifying anything with reasons and excuses? Were you being a people pleaser, afraid to say NO when your heat wasn't in it? I'm not talking about those moments where we willing and authentically agree to do something we may not enjoy out of integrity, service or commitment to a higher purpose. I'm talking about begrudgingly giving into someone out of fear of being rejected, not being liked or our own unbridled need to be needed. You get the idea.

Step 3


Who are you being true to? Pick the TRUE YOU to Celebrate. I know who you'll pick!

Step 4

Be grateful for, honor and own the YOU who ahs sometimes shown up in the shadows, afraid and small, because you have learned tremendous life lessons from her or him. That is your inner critic, the head of your Internal Chain Of Command and she's not going anywhere fast but now you can recognize her voice and reassure her that you are quite capable of handling things in the spotlight or behind the curtain of your own life. Remember every great performance also has a great director and stage crew. Your stage crew is your higher wisdom.

Step 5

Celebrate Glorious You. I could give you a long list of suggestions but I'm sure you have all the creativity needed to have a most joyous celebration of you.

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Celebrate You!


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