How To Get Him To Listen With Sensual Communication


How To Get Him To Listen With Sensual Communication
See how your communication flourishes when you become a sensually empowered communicator!

We all agree that positive thinking is the way to go, right. But if we could think our way out of our thoughts, we’d have already done it. What’s going on is that we don’t even know we’re thinking those thoughts because we are so busy lamenting like a victim and striking out with misplaced anger all made up in our heads with our Internal Chain of Commands and the stories we tell ourselves.

What’s one sense you can focus on today? Pick one and the acutely perceive your world today through that sense. Note down the feelings, images, daydreams and ideas that come to you. If you feel negativity, that’s great! Ask yourself what triggered it? What’s going on? How can you turn that into a positive empowering thought instead?


It’s a whole lot easier than you think and you’ll start feeling lighter in no time. Really, you will!

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To Your Sensually Empowered Communication!


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