The Easiest & Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever


The Easiest & Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever
Free, ecological, sexy, romantic always appreciated and, no, it's not what you think

Here's how it works. Pick a number, any number. Maybe 14 for Valentine's Day. Maybe the year he was born, maybe his age or a date. Now set the mood with music you love, coffee or a glas of wine and just start writing ~ The 64 Things I Love About You. In no time flat, your flattery, appreciation juices will be flowing from your pen with things like:

  1. I love how you use a paper plate for a lid when you saute veggies. It makes me smile to watch you.
  2. I love how you said yes when I asked you to hold me because I was feeling sad and I didn't have to explain anything. It made feel loved and accepted.
  3. I love that you took the time to hang those pictures for me. My place looks so beautiful!

When the chocolates are finished and the curtain has closed after the final act on your theater date, your man will still be giving you a standing ovation for expressing your love, appreciation and gratitude. This may just be the best gift he has ever received in his life.


You already know that Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers. Once your heart has started singing the Grateful Song for one person, you'll be singing it for others and making lists for them, too.

And while you're at it, make a special "Everything I Love About Me" list for you. We all know that true love starts with Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. You're worth it, Baby!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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