3 Love Lessons From 'The Guilt Trip'


seth rogen and barbra streisand at "the guilt trip" premiere
'The Guilt Trip' is a hilarious and touching comedy about a mother and son.

3. Have no regrets. Regrets and guilt are as intimate as foamy surf snuggling up to the shore. It sounds rather lofty and obvious but when we let the regrets creep in we lose sight of the present moment. Joyce has no regrets about any of her choices in life knowing that any other direction in the past would have deprived her of the joy of the present moment with her son. Regretting anything in your life is the ultimate act of self-sabotage, loss of lessons to be learned and betrayal to yourself, your children and all your relationships.

So, what do you think? Hopefully you and your mom have a great realtionship, but if not, maybe it's about time for you to lighten up and toss mom a bone.

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