Are You His Lover Or His Mother? Part 2


Are You His Lover Or His Mother? Part 2
Try the apron test to find out.

Acknowledgement is about noticing and mentioning the effort and attention he took to please you. It may sound funny, cheesy or unnatural in the beginning but most men will love it when you use your flirty, fun loving feminine side and say things like this. When you notice and acknowledge what people do to make you happy you are energetically lining yourself up for receiving more happiness. It’s the Law Of Attraction.

You don’t have to be all unnaturally cutesy-girly-gushy and sugar-coated-sweet about it, just be feminine, sincere, natural and add a bit of playfulness, too. I’m sure you’ll find your own fun variations on this, too, like hidden notes, a special insider’s wink or gesture that conveys the message. You get the idea.


       “I love it when you help me with dinner. I don’t take it for granted when you do the  dishes and clean up.”
      “I really appreciate that you took the time to help me with putting up my curtains. I could have never done it myself.” (even if we know that you could have.)
      “You planned such a marvelous date! The concert was amazing and restaurant you picked was fantastic. You really know what I like!”

And when you really want to take it to the top, compliment him in front of other people.

3.    Actions
Show how much you appreciate him with your actions. This is where it gets fun, sassy and playful! Sadly a lot of people have simply forgotten how to have fun and romp with their significant other. You know your guy and what makes him tick. It could be planning a special dinner, a date, a surprise weekend, or more simply, a neck or foot rub. How about bringing back desire in a new way? Try the apron test. Mothers wear aprons. Lovers wear only an apron. Be daring, romantic, surprising and bodacious! I could give you a long list of suggestions, but I trust you have loads of original ideas to get your sexy on in more ways, places and activities than one. Or you could just go the simple route and ask him what you could just do for him that would make him really happy. Keep your eyes and ears open for collecting data on what makes him really happy.

You get the picture, it’s all about the 4 A’s - your attitude, acknowledging and appreciating him with your words and your actions.

If you think you sound a bit too much like a mother or spend too much time in "The People Pleaser Syndrome," then hop on over to my online Compatibility Index. In less than 60 minutes I’ll pinpoint exactly where that kind of talk is coming from and what needs to happen to shift from the nagging Mother communication style into your Lover Attitude so you feel confident, loving and authentic expressing yourself without ever feeling guilty again.


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