Are You His Lover Or His Mother? Part 2


Are You His Lover Or His Mother? Part 2
Try the apron test to find out.

In Part 1 of the series we talked about how your communication style may sound like a Mother. Now it’s time to take a look at the Lovers communication style.

The Lover Attitude And Communication Style


Men fall in love with a woman’s femininity, vulnerability and they know they can trust that woman with their deepest feelings. Part of the glue that keeps couples strong everlasting is that haven for peace and safety where each one of you want to be closer knowing that no one is going anywhere and that no one is judging.
Lovers have a very different attitude than Mothers.

They know how to shift from their powerhouse masculine energy that is needed in so many places outside of their couple to the softer feminine side that men need to feel safe and vulnerable enough to open up completely. The Lover Communication Style belongs to the empowered woman who expresses herself with confidence, femininity, poise and lack of judgment. She understands in the words of Alison Armstrong that “men are not hairy women.”

My 4A’s of Communication-Solution is the foundation for creating that safe haven of trust and open communication. When you have that all of your communication will improve.

1.    Attitude
A woman in her Lover Attitude is fully present and feels safe, vulnerable, confident, happy, feisty, fun, flirty and sexy. So how do you get there? As an example, let’ say you’re coming home after work to a houseful of activities and family obligations.
Whether you work from home or outside, you’ll first want to detach from your business. Check in with your attitude and mindset.Are you still feeling corporate and professional, mulling over your busy day. Are you feeling like a Lover? If not, then take a few moments and do whatever it takes to step into that attitude.

Do you need to:

  •     listen to your favorite music in the car?
  •     kick off your heels and close your eyes for a few long minutes?
  •     do something physical like take a walk, change clothes?
  •     Meditate?

Do whatever you need to detach from your day and shift into your Lover Attitude of presence, openness, receptivity, lightness and lack of judgment.

2.    Appreciation And Acknowledgement

Women naturally toss compliments back and we love hearing compliments from our men. Yet, men tell me all the time how vastly under appreciated by women they feel. They want to make us feel happier and want to know how to do that. How often do we compliment our men? When people don’t hear appreciation, after awhile they begin to feel as if they are being taken for granted.

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