Are You His Lover Or His Mother? Part 1


Are You His Lover Or His Mother? Part 1
Are you guilty of this Mother knows best kind of communication? You may be surprised!

When you're too eager to be helpful and pleasing, you're unconsciously stepping into the masculine role of suggesting, giving advice and all with the best of intentions. To your man, however, it may very well sound like a mother nagging him.

That’s the booby trap of “The People Pleaser Syndrome.” If I just help, suggest, support, make myself available and be a team member everyone will like me.


Eventually it all backfires! What the heck happened? You thought you’ve been doing it all right! You’ve got his back. You’re only thinking of him!

Do you recognize yourself mothering him and other people? What are some of the things you say and do that sound a lot like his mother? If so, that's good news. Awareness is your first step in creating sustainable change. We'd love to hear your comments!

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll tell you how to talk to him like his lover.

If you sound a bit too much like a mother or spend too much time in "The People Pleaser Syndrome," I can tell you exactly what's going on and give you some strategies for changing in less than 60 minutes. My online Compatibility Index Assessment pinpoints where that kind of talk is coming from and what needs to happen to change your conversation style so you feel confident expressing yourself without ever feeling guilty again.

To your Lover Attitude,



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