7 Secrets To Mastering Communication Secret #1 Consciousness


7 Secrets To Mastering Communication  Secret #1 Consciousness
7 easy tips for immediately raising self-awareness and consciousness for guilt-free communication!

3. Do you keep quiet, saying “Yes” when you really want to say “No?” Or maybe you deflect attention away from yourself in an attempt to appear more interested in the other person? If so, you may be sending out the message that your subconscious core belief is it’s not polite to talk about yourself, or that you don’t think you are interesting, or good enough. Maybe your inner critic blames you for taking up too much air time in conversations if you say anything about yourself.

4. Do you catch yourself criticizing yourself and/or your partner? The next time you start criticizing yourself or your partner, ask yourself, “What would I be if I stopped blaming and took responsibility for my responses? How would I experience the situation?” How would my partner experience the situation?


5. When a limiting belief such as, “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do this,” shows up, ask yourself, “Where did this belief come from? How true is it really?”

6. Start a journal or note page on your smart phone to record when you catch yourself being negative. Write it down every time for 21 days and see what patterns emerge.

7. Make a list of 100 “I AM” statements with nouns. Aside from the obvious, “I AM an executive,” spice it up with your own creative flair. For example, if you are a dancer, you could write, “I AM DANCE.” If you’re a creative, write “I AM Creativity.”

Have fun getting to know your Ultimate Radiant True WHO and letting her shine!

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