3 Tips For Expats & Cross-Cultural Relationships


3 Tips For Expats & Cross-Cultural Relationships [EXPERT]
Cross-Cultural encounters of the loving kind involve extreme compassion and empathy.

For anyone who remembers being away at camp as a child or receiving a care package, you know how a taste of home can renew your spirits. Knowing that bouts of nostalgia are common will help you express empathy for someone suffering from homesickness. How Compassion Can Enrich Our Lives

This is the time to step into their shoes and listen with compassion. Don't try to talk them out of their feelings, ask them how they can be sad and unhappy in Paris or remind them of all the wonderful opportunities and experiences awaiting them if they would just snap out of it. Instead, just acknowledge that you know how wonderful it would be to have a cup of coffee with their best friend back home and how normal it is for them to be missing that right now. Adapting takes time and this is one step in the process. For Food Network's Ted Allen, Romance Is All In The Food


3. Think outside the box. When nostalgia is hanging around its easy to want to stay holed up and feel sorry for yourself. This sounds like a no brainer, but is worth mentioning. Go out and challenge yourself to a daily dose of discovering the local culture. Even if it is just a short hike, use all of your senses and observe everything around you. You may see something and become instantly passionate about learning more about it. 3 Tips To Gain A Sense Of Control

Are you in a smaller town and missing the museums and galleries from your big city back home? Maybe this is the time to take up painting or drawing and become an artist yourself. Even if you have always been afraid of a blank page, how about starting a blog or a journal about your experience and see who you connect with? Whatever you do, honor your feelings of nostalgia then get out and be curious.

With these tips, you'll be able to weather the ups and downs and have fun. Then go out and write a few post cards, such as:

Greetings from France! Wish you were here!

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