3 Easy Ways to Get Approached by More by Guys!


3 Easy Ways to Get Approached by More by Guys!

Be approachable, not only in attitude, but literally.

Men don’t want to (and often will not) come over to you and your girlfriends when you’re huddled together in a group. And especially will not if there are some male friends lingering around the group as well – (How are men supposed to know if those guys are your boyfriends, husbands, or what??)


The risk of rejection is very high for them in those situations and over the years they’ve built up a resistance toward walking over to you and your girlfriends, especially when the guy is solo. So when you see a guy you like, you must be able to break away from your friends and give him that chance to come over to you.

It’s kind of like code for “okay, I’m making it easier for you, come get me now.” So when you’re out with your friends, family, or whatever… find a reason to move about the venue ALONE.

3. Make good Eye Contact!

This is SO important. How is a guy to come over to you or even be motivated to want to, if you’re not even making eye contact with him!

When you notice a guy looking at you, look back at him. Make eye contact with him and hold his gaze for a second. Then look away for a few seconds, and look at him again. Do NOT look away or look down when you see a guy is looking at you (unless you’re totally uninterested in him).

Do not get flustered or embarrassed if a guy is looking at you. Confidently hold his gaze, and look back at him. And as you’re doing so, it helps to visualize yourself shooting a surge of positive, sexy energy from your eyes to his; Like a beam of light.

Thinking this will actually do just that, and you’ll be exuding a positive, sexy energy and a sparkle in your eyes that will lure him to come and talk to you. Practice this visualization. It works.

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