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Everyone deserves to have a healthy sex life!

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Dawn Michael holds her B.A. in Speech Communication, M.A. in Marriage Family Therapy, and is a Certified Clinical Sexologist and a professional member of ASSECT. 

Dawn Has published over 700 articles on human sexuality and relationships, a public speaker, sex educator and international therapist.

Many of Dawn's published articles have been featured on dating sites; well know relationship sites, magazines and wellness forums. Her topics are edgy, personal and even taboo, bringing to life real issues that most people will not address.  Dawn's motto is that "Everyone deserves to have a healthy sex life."

Dawn believes that when it comes to sexuality it is the one area where most people have a problem expressing themselves.

Many times people get embarrassed just talking about sex with their spouse or partner, communication surrounding sex is crucial in bringing couples together.

Her work as a clinical sexologist and marriage counselor is to bridge the world of sexuality and marriage together, helping couples to enjoy one another, make love to each other and be happy.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

When I was practicing as a Marriage Therapist many years back, I realized that most of the problems couples were having related to intimacy, but how to approach it was challenging.  My focus at that time was split between my family business of interior design and marriage therapy, so I decided to combine the two.  What I learned in the ten years prior as a couples interior designer was that indeed most couples were lacking in sexual intimacy.  I was allowed into to their homes to design master bed rooms, and other areas of the home., Through this experience I developed a deeper relationship with my clients understanding how they lived together and helping them to design intimate spaces for them to enjoy.  Designing a master bedroom was challenge for most couples and it lead to conversations on how the sexual intimacy had gone out of the marriage.  In that time I began to write articles on the subject, and from those article I had many couples and individuals that wanted my help with improving their sexual intimacy in their marriage.

I went back to college again and got my certification in clinical sexology.  I now have a private practice once again as a counselor, helping couples from working on their marriage from the inside out.  Focusing on the intimacy, intimate touch, healing touch and communication surrounding sex, has been a break through for many couples to start their marriage over again.  My passion and my motto is that "everyone deserves to have a healthy sex life"

Success Stories

Let's Talk about Sex Videos

The "Let’s talk about sex" video series is taking off on YouTube; it has been an exciting adventure. I put together a series of fun educational sex talk video's to help people who may have questions about sex get some straight forwards answers. The videos are made for couples and individuals who want to know more about, orgasm, oral sex, anal sex, nipple play, bdms (spanking), the vulva, and masturbation. Along with the sex talk series, there is the sexual healing addition, with subjects on Too Much Porn, how to overcome past sexual abuse, how to have an orgasm, erection and ejaculation problems.

The numbers are growing every day, but I am eager to hear your comments and be open to answering any of your questions.

CredentialsBA, MA, PhD
Time in Practice10 years +
I practice inAll areas, please inquire
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Dating Coach
Divorce Coach
Life Coach
Marriage Educator
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Sex Coach
Sex Educator
Wellness Coach
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