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Sex Talk: What's The Worst Libido Killer?

Your mind starts to wander and the stress begins to build, now you are no longer desiring to have sex with your spouse. Stress causing lack of libido is more common than one can imagine. The economy is down, jobs are not readily available, children, and the ...

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Communication: The Key To A Satisfying Sex Life

In my practice, I once had a session with a man who was interested in becoming more dominant in the bedroom with his wife. He was burdened by overwhelming fantasies of her telling him what to do in bed, but he assumed that she would never partake in that type of sexual interaction. He was struggling with ...

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Hey Kids, Do You Want To Meet My New Boyfriend?

There are more single mom’s raising children nowadays than ever before. Some of the women share custody while others may have the children most of the time. Unfortunately, the statics of child abuse from a mom’s boyfriend or new husband is overwhelming.     More children ...

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Are You In A Cuckold Marriage?

Where did the term cuckold come from? The female equivalent cuckquean first appears in English literature in 1562. Cuckold refers to the fact that the man being cuckolded is the last to know about his wife's infidelity. This also refers to a tradition claiming ...

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Dealing with Performance Anxiety and Erectile Dysfunction

When a man feels that he is not in control of his penis or ability to preform this can affect every aspect of his life, in severe cases it can lead to a life of celibacy. For some men they will seek the opinion of a urologist to rule out any medical issues, but once the medical issues are ruled out a man is ...

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Mature Love

Sex Talk: What's The Worst Libido Killer?

What's the number one thing that can decrease your performance?

Sex Tips For Couples From A Sex Coach

Communication: The Key To A Satisfying Sex Life

Speak up to get what you really want in bed.

Single Mom

Hey Kids, Do You Want To Meet My New Boyfriend?

Divorce happens, but what takes place after the divorce is final, may affect a child the most.


Are You In A Cuckold Marriage?

I have a fantasy of watching my wife have sex with other men in front of me...

Trouble In Paradise

Dealing with Performance Anxiety and Erectile Dysfunction

Loss of control in the bedroom can lead to a life time of anxiety concerning sexual performance...

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