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Divorce Proof Your Marriage and Find Intimacy Again

A couple walked into my office in their late forties, both in great shape and seemed happily married. The husband sat down in the chair, leaned back and said to me, "Dawn, teach my wife and I how to have sex again. ...

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Bring Back The Sizzling Sex

Those precious toddler years, chasing the children around the home, juggling schedules with your spouse, endless moms groups—no wonder there is no time for sex. You and your spouse are so busy with the kids, and maintaining your family life that you have ...

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Urinary Tract Infection In Women Associated With Sex

Help With The Prevention of UTI This article is for women and doctors who are willing to participate in a study to help other women prevent reoccurring urinary tract infections because of intercourse too soon. As a clinical sexologist, marriage counselor, writer and researcher I hear from women everyday ...

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Avoid a Toxic Relationship Women, How Do You Know You Are In One?

All relationships have their ups and downs, but some relationships are just toxic!  How do you know if the relationship you are in is a toxic relationship or not?   Sometimes it is hard to see it when you are in it, but if you feel negative consuming thoughts about him throughout the day then ...

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Lonely but married how long will I feel this way?

The reality is that so many individuals that are married are lonely, sad and feel a loss of connection in their lives. Couples living separate lives but staying married, out of fear of being alone if not married. As crazy at that sounds many couples will stay in a marriage that leaves them feeling lonely out of ...

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Articles by Dawn Michael

Divorce Proof Your Marriage and Find Intimacy Again

One of the best ways to insure a happy long marriage is to divorce proof your relationship!


Bring Back The Sizzling Sex

Working on the marriage is just as important as any other aspect of your life

Broken Heart

Urinary Tract Infection In Women Associated With Sex

There is a strong correlation between women that are unhappy with their partner and increased UTI

Come Hither

Avoid a Toxic Relationship Women, How Do You Know You Are In One?

I love him and I can’t stop thinking about him, I hate him and he makes me so miserable……

Oh My

Lonely but married how long will I feel this way?

The idea of marriage is to find that one person to spend your life with in a blissful partnership…….

Dawn Michael

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