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Better sex information, facts, solutions

What does it take to have a successful marriage today? Marriage is not what it used to be where people stay in an unhappy marriage because of social pressure, finances, religion or children. More women work and do not stay at home and raise the children because it is very difficult to have a one income ...

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Watching too much porn can lead to unhealthy sexual patterns

There is such a things as “too much of a good thing!” Allow me to define a healthy amount of pornography and masturbation as opposed to over indulgence. As a clinical sexologist, I have helped many people understand the difference between porn ...

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Male sexual problems, how to understand them and fix them

There are a growing number of men that have sexual problems, from not being able to maintain an erection, rapid ejaculation, and areas of performance anxiety. Some are health related but most are mental. The basic biological function of the penis is to have an erection long enough to penetrate, ejaculate and ...

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The call of the wild, being a sexy hot woman!

Call it natural instinct, call it natural desire, call it animal attraction, raging hormones, high libido, some women love sex. They love to have it, hold it, be on it, be in it, around it, just as much if not more so than men! Stereotypically men are stronger, work harder, have bigger muscles and are ...

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Women who push their own buttons!

They have the confidence to enjoy sex and be sexual, and the freedom of choosing how, when and with whom they enjoy it with. With this, comes a new independence that women are actively pursuing. No longer satisfied to sit home alone waiting for Mr. Right to find them to make them feel good. Women are empowered ...

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Better sex information, facts, solutions

50% of all marriages fail and the couples that are still married about half are in unhappy marriages


Watching too much porn can lead to unhealthy sexual patterns

Watching too much porn and masturbating the same way each time, is going to create a sexual pattern


Male sexual problems, how to understand them and fix them

Everything is out in the open when it comes to male sexual problems.


The call of the wild, being a sexy hot woman!

Women enjoy sex just as much as men do, they just haven’t gotten to have the same social freedom


Women who push their own buttons!

Contrary to the myths, wives tales and social morays, women are sexual creatures.

Dawn Michael

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