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Marriage: How Important Is Sexual Intimacy?

As a clinical sexologist, I work with couples on their intimate lives, rather than on the "marriage" meaning we look at the relationship from the core of sexual intimacy. My belief as a counselor is that if couples have lost the intimacy in the marriage, then ...

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How To Get Out Of An Abusive Marriage

A mother struggling to get out of her marriage, she has children and no place to go. She does not fit into any socio-economic status because she is a middle class woman coming from a middle class home, with an abusive man. She is caught in the middle, she has never told anyone over the years of her struggles, ...

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Why sexual intimacy is so important in a marriage

As a clinical sexologist and relationship coach I counsel couples in marriage who are having difficulty with having a fulfilling sex life. Most of my clients will have invested years in marriage counseling already or come to the point in the marriage where they know a ...

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How to attract women with your male scent

There is truth about sexual chemistry and a man's scent A woman's body will begin to react when she is in contact with a man that her body finds attractive. Her genitals will become moist along with blood rushing to her breasts, cheeks, ears, and lips. Her body will begin to release hormones when in ...

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Financial infidelity is on the rise leading couples to divorce

This is where one spouse gets into debt without letting the other spouse know until it is already too late. With the economy in the state that it is today more married couples are going through a rough time financially with it ending in a nasty divorce. Marriage is not what it used to be where the man went ...

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Articles by Dr. Dawn Michael

Marriage: How Important Is Sexual Intimacy?

If a couple has lost the sexual intimacy in the marriage, then they are basically just roommates


How To Get Out Of An Abusive Marriage

Hundreds of thousands of women in middle class America are in abusive marriages

Happy Couple

Why sexual intimacy is so important in a marriage

One of the quintessential qualities about marriage is the ability to share sexual intimacy together


How to attract women with your male scent

A woman can smell her biological match at an unconscious level.


Financial infidelity is on the rise leading couples to divorce

The new type of infidelity on the rise is financial infidelity

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