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Does your husband want to be dominated in the bedroom?

As a clinical sexologist and marriage counselor I help high powered executive men manage their secret sex lives.  Many of these men want to be submissive in the bedroom, but are not able to talk to their wives about it.  As complicated as this may sound the ...

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Get back the sexual intimacy in your relationship

Marriage is a partnership and that includes making each other happy sexually, not by having sex but by creating sexual intimacy. Anyone can have sex or perform the act of intercourse, but sexual intimacy is another aspect that is often over looked. As a clinical ...

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Are Monogamous Relationships Outdated?

As much as I value marriage and family, I often wonder if we are not fooling ourselves as a society that the institute of marriage is the defining factor or that the term marriage needs to be redefined itself. There are an overwhelming number of ...

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Why Do Married Men Pay For Sex?

He picks up the phone, gives his credit card information and begins to talk to her. His intentions are to get a quick release, and then go about his business. As he begins to talk to her, she becomes more interesting. Her words are not just sexual but make him feel connected. The phone calls then become more ...

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Screaming at your wife will destroy your marriage

Screaming and Swearing When did it become acceptable to scream and swear at your spouse, this is one of the worst forms of communication that takes place in a marriage? When couples resort to screaming, yelling and swearing at each other the respect and the ...

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Articles by Dr. Dawn Michael

Does your husband want to be dominated in the bedroom?

A man being told what to do by his wife sexually can take his mind off of everything else


Get back the sexual intimacy in your relationship

Sexual intimacy is the foundation of making love rather than just having sex

Are Monogamous Relationships Outdated? [EXPERT]

Are Monogamous Relationships Outdated?

With more and more marriages ending in divorce, is monogamy really the answer?

Why Do Married Men Pay For Sex? [EXPERT]

Why Do Married Men Pay For Sex?

Do you suspect your husband is hiring hookers?


Screaming at your wife will destroy your marriage

When couples resort to screaming at each other instead of communicating it can destroy a marriage

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