A 7 Step Guide To Better Sex In Marriage


A 7 Step Guide To Better Sex In Marriage [EXPERT]
Couples forget that marriage is a choice "not a given." That goes for the sex in marriage as well.

2. Plan two days with intimate touching. After step one, when I am working with couples we will talk about how the exchange felt, and then I can recommend step 2, sometimes strong emotions may be brought to the surface so it is good to seek help if you had strong emotions during step 1 or were not able to complete the exercise.

Step 2, which I refer to as home assignments is to plan two days where again one person is in charge and touching for their pleasure and the other person is the willing participant. It is very important to take turns initiating these exercises.


Phase 2 towards better sex in the marriage is to have your spouse lay on his/her stomach naked with the back exposed. The spouse in charge is to touch the body with hands and lips — soft touching getting to know the other persons body. No talking is allowed and no touching area's in between the legs — this is not sexual but intimate. Connect with your spouse when touching them by concentrating on how their skin feels, hair feels, muscles, shape of body, etc. When the exercise is done, talk about it. Tell each other in a positive way what you liked about it.

3. Create a date night. Intimate conversation between a man and a wife can have a very profound impact on the sexual excitement that it can later hold in the bedroom. As you do the face touching exercise and then the back exercise also set up a date night for the two of you to enjoy together.

Talking to one another about what you would like to do to turn each other on, what pleases you and how you can please your spouse is important in the marriage. The point of this exercise is to create desire for one another and keep the passion going. Intimacy between spouses is what each spouse will make of it. It is the responsibility of both the husband and the wife to create intimate time for each other.

Marriage is about taking responsibility for what part each partner will play and how each will contribute to the marriage. There are reasons why spouses cheat, why marriage ends in divorce and many times one or both spouses have forgotten how to be intimate with one another. Taking turns to be intimate, and not putting it on one spouse can save your marriage! A guide to better sex in your marriage is a way to keep the sex passionate for a life time. Taking the time to do the exercises is how to achieve better, more intimate, more passionate, fun sex!

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