Communication: The Key To A Satisfying Sex Life


Sex Tips For Couples From A Sex Coach
Speak up to get what you really want in bed.

As a clinical sexologist and sex coach, I suggested a few exercises that he and his wife could do together with the goal of a better, more open and honest sex life.

After several private sessions with him, and then couples intimacy counseling, we were able to fix their problems. His wife tried acting dominant during their intimate time, and she found out that she enjoyed it as well. She was able to give her husband direction on how to please her, and began to feel more comfortable with their sex life. He was able to perform better as well.

It's completely normal for couples to have different sexual needs, desires and preferences. Although they may not be as dramatic as this example, they can be fixed by clear communication, honesty, and a little bit of an adventurous spirit. Who knows: after speaking with your partner, you might find a new favorite way to be intimate.

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