Urinary Tract Infection In Women Associated With Sex


Urinary Tract Infection In Women Associated With Sex
There is a strong correlation between women that are unhappy with their partner and increased UTI

When a woman is not aroused then her urethral sponge will not be filled with liquid to protect the urethra from possibly getting inflamed, infected and resulting in a urinary tract infection. When a women is aroused the spongy tube will change consistency and swell, like any good erectile tissue should. When the sponge is properly aroused it will puff and not only be a protective barrier but a source of gratification during intercourse. With some women the sponge fills quickly and is fluffier than other women, the liquid that fills the sponge is also associated with some females who orgasm and liquid squirts from the vaginal opening. All women have the ability to do this, but by nature each women's body and levels of arousal are different as well. The one fact that is often overlooked is the time that it takes for a woman to get fully aroused enough for her to have intercourse. As studies continue to be published on women's sexual health one theory is that the fluid that comes from the urethral sponge is antimicrobial to prevent infections of the urinary system.

The urethral sponge when touched or rubbed before a woman is aroused can be irritating and in fact continued rubbing may make her feel as though she has to urinate. When a woman has reached a state of arousal and the tube puffs then the sponge can be extremely pleasurable to stimulate.


How Does a Woman Know When She is Aroused Enough To Have Intercourse?The workings of the vulva

Women and men often interpret that a woman is ready to have intercourse because she is lubricated, or better known as being "wet".


Yes increased vaginal lubrication is a sign of early arousal but not that her body is completely ready for intercourse. Many times a woman will not even know when she is ready to have intercourse because is so out of touch with her own body. One way to tell if a women is fully aroused is to notice that her vulva will be more swollen, puffy and open. As a woman's arousal heightens her vagina opening lengthens to allow for sex. The uterus is not a fixed organ, it rises and falls throughout the month depending on the woman's cycle. The uterus also moves during arousal forming more open space at the back of the vagina and pulling the cervix safely out of the way of potential battering. All of this inner working going on for a women can be equated with a man reaching a full erection.

Women in many ways do this on the inside, but because it is not front and center for women, it is more difficult to see what is going on. The best way for a women to really understand her own body is to take the time to explore her vulva, so that she can tell when she is ready for intercourse. Women are taught to please others and often times will rush into pleasing a man before understanding that she has to be mentally and physically ready to receive him inside of her.

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