Surprise your husband with a sexy holiday gift he won’t forget


Surprise your husband with a sexy holiday gift he won’t forget
Now is the time to treat your husband with the new sexy you.

Studies show that when a woman is feeling good about herself then that sexy energy will radiate out to others around her. Feeling sexy comes from within. Being happy with whom you are and knowing that you are the sexy wife that your husband has dreamt of is the best gift of all. This holiday give yourself a sexy make-over then wrap yourself in a bow and present yourself as the gift. This is sure to not only delight him for the holiday but all year long.

Each woman is different in what makes her feel sexy and how to get her mind into it.


Here are a few suggestions that can help you get started.

Take a day for yourself and get yourself pampered, some of the ways to do this and get your mind into the new sexy you, is to change up your hair style, get your nails done, perhaps wax those areas that you may be showing off. A facial or massage can help to relax and rejuvenate. My all-time suggestion is to fit in a good walk every day, this is one way to get the body going and also help boost sexual desire. Getting a good work out in will not only boost your self-esteem but keep the endorphins high and reduce daily stress.

The final and ultimate suggestion is to go lingerie shopping and this is for you!

Women often times look at lingerie the wrong way, thinking what a man may enjoy, but that is not what makes her feel sexy. What makes a woman feel sexy is that she feels sexy in that lingerie when she looks at herself. Lingerie can be a woman’s best friend, and can accentuate areas that may need a little boosting or hide other areas that she may not want to show off.

When the special night arrives, light a candle and let him unwrap his sexy wife for an evening of intimate, sensual, sexy, fun. Enjoy this holiday season….be a happy spouse!

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