Now there is help for rapid ejaculation


Now there is help for rapid ejaculation
As a sex therapist I have helped many men with problems concerning their erections...

Some men may experience rapid ejaculation or problems with erection. Then there are other men who want to learn how to keep an erection for longer periods of time.

Five solutions for rapid ejaculation


This can be an on going problem for a man or something that has happened a few times but it is now causing him anxiety.

1. Practice makes perfect and I will say this to every man that I help. Masturbation is one of the ways to train the mind and body to work together. Practice holding techniques and mind control, these are two very powerful solutions for rapid ejaculation.

2. Masturbate before going out on a date or even in the bathroom an hour before intercourse, this will help a man to have more control.

3. Use a good male enhancement product while practicing masturbation, this may help with sensitivity and have the blood fill the penis for a fuller erection. A condom also helps to reduce sensitivity in the head of the penis.

4. Train your brain!! Think of things that turn you on but also that you can control like images or sexy thoughts. Don’t replace positive thoughts with negative thoughts that is a bad technique, just be aware of your thoughts, using them enough to know what will trigger an orgasm. Many times men are not always aware of what they are thinking about during the moment, be aware of your thoughts.

5. Train your penis: Use the hold technique and stop touching the head of the penis when you think it is time to cum. Navigate your way around your penis, and figure out what is sensitive and what is not as sensitive. Before ejaculation, slow down your mind and body by breathing, slow down your breathing.

For men that don’t have rapid ejaculation problems and just want to learn to hold their orgasm longer then you can apply the same techniques above. Mind over body and practice are the two most important aspects in maintaining a stronger and longer erection. The third is learning how to slow down the breath, breathing helps to relax the mind, yoga is excellent for this as well as meditation techniques.

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