Clinical Sexologist Job: Sexual Issues In Marriage


Clinical Sexologist Job: Sexual Issues In Marriage
I don't understand why my husband does not want to have sex with me anymore?

The moral of this article is to educate others who may be struggling with similar issues and to act on it quickly. For this couple they had no children and were both still young and could find other people to share their lives with. Most of the time people don’t open up early in a marriage when there are problems especially women, they stay married, have children and hope that things will change and get better. This woman was brave enough to get help, and end a marriage that could have caused her years of pain. She is now, two years later happily married to a man and pregnant with her first child… indeed the story does have a happy ending!

The man you may ask, well he is happy too, after they divorced he came back to work on his own issues with me, later to understand that he was more happy being with men than women, and is still exploring his sexual path…

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