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Male sexuality, what all women need to know about their man?


Men in our society today are not sure what the ideal of masculinity is all about.

As a sex counselor I help men from around the world with various sexual issues and I have learned from each of my clients something new.
There is no such thing as a” know it all” in the business of human sexuality. My male clients talk about sexual fetishes, ways they get turned on or even their basic lack of knowledge concerning their own body when it comes to sex.

Men in our society today are not sure what the ideal of masculinity is all about. How does a man define himself in western society where he is expected to be a man but also have all the emotions of a woman?

One of the issues is “A man is always interested and ready for sex”. Men are not always ready for sex, and when pressured it can lead to anxiety, even erectile dysfunction.

“Getting the penis to do it job on command and ready for intercourse”. “sexual intercourse” and the pressure that it puts on sexual intercourse as the “main focus of the sexual experience.” This is especially a problem when a man does have a problem with getting an erection, to always be focused on intercourse as the main goal of love making. One way to avoid this problem is to take it slow allow the build up. A man can be sexually excited and still have a semi hard penis, or even no erection at all.  Read more

This article was originally published at Marriage Sexual Counseling. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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