Love, Sex And Pheromones: Who's Your True Biological Match?

love, sex and pheromones: who's your true biological match?

A woman can tell if she's attracted to a man based on his scent, but is this deceptive?

Sexual scent can be masked in order to ensure that the initial attraction is not just based on the way a man smells, but on his personality as well. That's why cologne is so popular and comes in a variety of different scents. Most people you will meet rarely find a true biological match and—in some cases—a man's scent can even turn a woman off without either of them knowing it. Some pheromone products on the market can also mask a man's scent, which is not always a bad thing.

A man could also be a biological match for a woman but not have the mental, social or stability factor that she really desires—this is where the animal is taken over by the human mind. For some women, it may play itself out as "lust at first sight" and only later do they realize that the sexual attraction was all that there was.

When it comes to finding a relationship, it helps to understand the difference between the human factor versus the animal smell instinct. Younger women are more prone to going by smell, leading them into relationships that may not be best suited for them. Most of the time, other people can tell a person is "in lust" before that person can understand it themselves. As far as dating goes, most people are not going to find their optimal biological match, and in reality, that only matters for mating, not dating!

So men, the next time a woman says you smell nice and you're not wearing cologne, you can bet she likes your scent. The odds of that happening are slim though, so continue taking those showers and wearing your cologne. A great-smelling cologne will score you big points.

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