How To Avoid Dinner Table Drama


How To Avoid Dinner Table Drama [EXPERT]
Try these 3 sexy steps to ease the tension at your next meal!

2. Each person has a night to initiate the next exercise and that is to do a sensual touch of each other’s naked back. Make sure you're touching for pleasure. This is an important part because the person who is doing the touching is in control and the one being touched is passive. If this exercise goes well, move on to number three.

3. Touch each other on the front in the same way, but avoid the sexual aspect and focus on the intimacy instead.


Once phase three has been done and the connection is made, then take time to talk about the intimacy and the feelings that may come up. Touch is one of the most healing ways for couples to begin to get the closeness back in the marriage and for the tension to go way.

Notice how the dinner time drama fades away and the intimacy and love develops again.

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