How to attract women with your male scent


How to attract women with your male scent
A woman can smell her biological match at an unconscious level.

A man could be a biological match for a woman but not have the mental, social or stability factor that a woman may really desire that is where the animal is taken over by the human mind. For some women it may play itself out as lust in the beginning or "lust at first sight", only later to realize that the sexual attraction was all that there was, purely based on sexual odor.

The dating scene
As far as the dating scene goes finding that special person to have a relationship with, it helps to understand the human factor verses the animal instinct of smell. Younger women are more prone to smell leading them into relationships that may not be best suited for them. Most of the time other people can witness a person in lust before that person can understand it themselves. As far as dating goes, most people are not going to find their optimal biological match, and in reality that only maters for mating not dating!


So for men the next time a woman says you smell nice and you are not wearing cologne, then you can bet she likes your scent.....Although the odds are that it won't happen, so continue to take those showers, put on the cologne, "a great smelling cologne, will score you big points!"

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