Getting over the holiday blues and starting a positive New Year


Getting over the holiday blues and starting a positive New Year
The holidays are over and the New Year has arrived,

shake off those holiday blues and start your New Year off with a positive attitude. For many people the holidays can be a time of great stress and sadness, especially if a loved one has passed away recently or a breakup has occurred. Stress over money to buy gifts or enjoy a small get away, can also contribute to the blues.

The pressure that the holidays bring each year is enough to put some people into a mild depression for a few months. Some ways to shake off the holiday blues and begin a positive New Year is to appreciate what you do have in your life and build the positive energy around those things.


Dwelling on negative thoughts only brings about more of those feeling associated with those thoughts. Research shows that the brain reacts to negative thoughts and releases chemicals that are associated with depression.


Literally changing your thoughts or being conscious of your thoughts while having them and turning them into to positive thoughts will trigger the brain into creating positive feelings... For example think back to a time or event in your life that brought you great joy or a good laugh, you can almost feel the change begin to occur. Take the time every day to wake up in the morning and start the day off with positive thoughts. All of us have the ability to wake up in the morning and begin a new day, each and every day. Why not chose to begin that day with feelings of happiness rather than feelings of hopelessness.

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