Dealing with Performance Anxiety and Erectile Dysfunction


Dealing with Performance Anxiety and Erectile Dysfunction
Loss of control in the bedroom can lead to a life time of anxiety concerning sexual performance...

Fear of performance, can lead to lack of sexual performance. As men age, along with stress, life, relationships, marriage, children, a man may have times in his life where his desire is stronger or not as strong. There are also occasions when a man can just suddenly become flaccid or not get an erection at all.

What happens when a man becomes too anxious and the blood that is suppose to go to his penis now goes to other parts of the body, (know as fight or flight). Also known as "amygdala hijack" in which our emotional memory, lodged in the limbic center of our brain, rules our reactions without the benefit of logic or reason...which causes our bodies to go into a "fight or flight" response'. If a man can break the cycle of anxiety then he can eliminate the amygdala hijack.


Solutions For Erectile Dysfunction

There is help for erectile dysfunction, and most ED is psychological!

Some products that help men are pumps, followed by a rings to trap the blood for a limited time. There are also natural products that bring blood to that part of the body to engorge and enlarger. The last part of getting past erectile dysfunction is guided imagery, breathing through anxiety and techniques for self pleasure through masturbation and education on the life of the male penis!

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