The Six Best Sex Positions to Make Passionate Love


The Six Best Sex Positions to Make Passionate Love
Sex is one of the most natural ways to get closer to your partner.

The Peg - Kama sutra sex position

The man lies down on his back with his legs stretched out for the Peg position.   The woman then gets on top of him and lets him enter her.


As he does so, she stretches her legs out straight behind her and starts to move back and forth as fast or as slow as she likes. It's a great position for full body contact, kissing and touching throughout.   When her legs are together this also creates a tighter fit for the couple during penetration.  The intimacy of her lying on top of him and being able to hug while having slow long thrusting penetration is part of the love making.

The Zen Pause Position

This position provides a slower intimate moment, it can also be recommended when the man is close to orgasm and wants to slow it down for a longer love making session.   When on the brink of the orgasm, take a break from a heart-pounding position and try this holding pattern.

People roll onto their sides, face-to-face (if possible, he stays inside her the entire time), and this puts the passion on a low simmer with legs intertwined and chests pressed against one another.   This then can allow a slower build up for both the man and the women to an incredible climax.   The is a wonderful position to giving a loving tease to each other while maintaining the closeness of him inside without much move moment.

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