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Observing your thoughts and feelings

I run a therapy group on Thursday evenings with a focus on relationships. A couple of weeks ago we had an interesting discussion about distinguishing between thoughts and feelings and emotions. We decided that it’s useful to distinguish between feelings and emotions by defining emotions as the reflexive ...

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The illusion of separateness

Here is an interesting little exercise: Take your hand and hide it behind something and spread your fingers and slowly lift your fingers up so only your fingers can be seen and not the palm of your hand. If you did not know that this was a hand, you would assume that the five fingers that you see are ...

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On being self-critical

Most of us have critical or punitive voices inside our heads. In schema therapy, the punitive voice is a mode that can get triggered in any situation where one finds fault with oneself. For example, Marla has a tendency to binge on sweets at night. She’s overweight and wants to lose weight and is much more ...

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Taking time to refuel the relationship

Adults have so much to learn from children. I often think that we have a lot more to learn from them than they do from us. Little kids love to play with their friends. They can spend hours playing without stopping, but afterwards they need to refuel. The best way to refuel is by being with the ...

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Dealing with detachment

In schema therapy, we talk about schemas, which are more entrenched, long-term character traits, and we talk about modes, which are states that come and go depending upon any number of factors. Emotional deprivation is an example of a common schema that is born out of a persistent lack of empathy, nurturing, ...

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Articles by Dr. David Younger
Change Ahead

Observing your thoughts and feelings

It is so valuable to practice observing your thoughts and feelings versus pushing them away.

Brain Puzzle

The illusion of separateness

This is a great quick exercise that illustrates the limits of our perceptions.

On being self-critical

On being self-critical

We internalize the way we were treated as kids and often continue treating ourselves the same way.

Mature Love

Taking time to refuel the relationship

This is especially important when kids come along, but is equally relevant for working partners.


Dealing with detachment

Understanding why we detach and the purpose that it serves.

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