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5 Sure Signs He's Cheating On You

Nobody wants to accept that they're a victim of infidelity, but your man has been acting differently and you don't know why. Are you just being paranoid, or is he being unfaithful to you? Here are 5 tell-tale signs he's seeing someone else behind ...

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3 Things To Do If Your Man Can't Maintain An Erection

You're in bed with your man. You've done all your sexiest moves. You smell great. You look fantastic. You head down south, and suddenly you realize his penis is about as erect as a noodle that's been thrown against the wall to see if it's cooked. So what an earth should you say and do? You want ...

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What To Do When The Guy You're Dating Puts You In The Friend Zone

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You meet a guy. He seems amazing. You get to know each other a bit. You start having sex. Things are going really, really well. You don’t want to get too excited but you start to feel like you’ve met someone special. Then, all the sudden, he sits you down and ...

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"Where's The Best Place To Meet Men?"

One of the questions women always ask me is, "Where can I meet men? Whenever I go to bars I just get men stinking of booze throwing pickup lines at me. Surely there's somewhere better to go?" Well ladies, the good news is there are a bundle of great places to meet men, and what makes them so ...

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Why Your iPhone Is Ruining Your Sex Life

Remember the old days of Hollywood sex? In the movies, a sexy man would just totaly ravish the leading lady. He'd look into her eyes, he'd kiss her, he'd tease her body from head to toe, and when she couldn't take it anymore, he'd throw her against the wall and give her amazing, beautiful ...

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5 Sure Signs He's Cheating On You

5 Sure Signs He's Cheating On You

Forget the normal "He's wearing new aftershave" cliches. Here are 5 real signs he's not faithful.


3 Things To Do If Your Man Can't Maintain An Erection

You love your man, and you want to please him. But what do you do if he can't maintain an erection?


What To Do When The Guy You're Dating Puts You In The Friend Zone

What do you do when a guy you've been dating suddenly goes cold on you? Read on and find out!


"Where's The Best Place To Meet Men?"

This is the question I probably get asked the most by women, and today, I'm giving you the answer.

Sex: Connect To Your Partner For A Better Sex Life

Why Your iPhone Is Ruining Your Sex Life

You're about to discover why our obsession with technology is killing your sex life.

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