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Do You Feel Like You Fell From The Ugly Tree?

The ugly tree is a horrible concept, isn't it? But the truth is, so many women I speak to use it to describe themselves. In fact, in an email I received this morning, one of my readers described herself as having, "fallen from the ugly tree, and hitting every branch on the way down." Do you ...

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The #1 Reason You Shouldn't Fall In Love On A First Date

Have you ever "fallen in love" with a man you've only just met? Have you been on a first date that went so well you were convinced he was the man of your dreams? How did that work out for you? Are you still with him, or did it end in a dating disaster? I hate to play the devil's advocate ...

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The Biggest Dating Mistake Women Make

OK Ladies, drop what you're doing and listen closely. I'm about to give you the best piece of dating advice you're ever likely to hear in your life. In fact, once you hear what I'm about to share, you'll understand why men rarely approach women ...

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When Did Men And Women Swap Roles?

I’m beginning to think our role-reversal in society has taken full effect. Men have vaginas now, and women have penises. I’ve been meeting the most feminine men ever recently. Nowadays, men don’t even know how to lead as a man. Men are so Read More

Why You Don't Need Those (Disgusting) Heart-Shaped Chocolates

Valentine's Day: The day when Hallmark stock price shoots through the roof, and restaurants double the price of their menu. Doesn't that drive you crazy? For men, Valentine's Day is a minefield we have to negotiate carefully. One forgotten box of candy, or a bunch of cheap roses from the local gas ...

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The #1 Reason You Shouldn't Fall In Love On A First Date

So you've met a guy, and you're convinced he could be the one. Here's why you're so wrong.

The Biggest Dating Mistake Women Make

The Biggest Dating Mistake Women Make

Stop what you're doing ladies, because you're going to discover the worst dating mistake women make.

Beachy Keen

When Did Men And Women Swap Roles?

In a society where sexuality has gone mad, I explore why men and women appear to have swapped roles.

Valentines Day Ideas For Single Women: Love Yourself

Why You Don't Need Those (Disgusting) Heart-Shaped Chocolates

It can be lonely if you're on your own on Valentine's Day, but here's why you shouldn't worry.

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