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The Power of the Weekend

Here it is. It’s the weekend. Saturday. Are you doing everything that you want to do this weekend? Are you spending it with friends that you really want to spend it with? Are you going to be active—reading, going to the beach, going to the pool, hanging out? Are you doing the ...

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3 Ways To Get Past A Divorce

You just went through a divorce. You look around the house and everything is different. Your ex's stuff is gone and you feel a sense of relief. Yet, sad at the same time. As you walk through the house you find something of Read More

Why You Need To Breakup With Your Vibrator

Okay, before you get all angry… …thinking I’m taking away one of your favorite toys—hear me out. I’ve told women that I’ve coached to break up with their vibrator and they look at me like I’m asking them to stop playing with the greatest toy that’s ever ...

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Ladies, Stop Busting Your Mans Package!

“I love you. You're the best. I love listening to you. I love everything about you. You do no wrong in my book. Oh my god, you're so amazing. Oh my god, it's so cute the way that you eat your cereal. I love the way you roll over in the middle of the night and mumble in your sleep—it's ...

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So, Why Didn't He Call?

From a man’s point of view, women get really jazzed up very easily. They go out on a date — a date with a guy they think is so fantastic — and then after the date all they can do is think about him and what a great time they had. They sit back and wait for him to call again. They start ...

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The Power of the Weekend

Are you doing what you want to this weekend?

3 Ways To Get Past A Divorce [EXPERT]

3 Ways To Get Past A Divorce

After getting divorced, keep these three tips in mind before you jump into a new relationship.


Why You Need To Breakup With Your Vibrator

Its time you reconnected with your hands and not your toys.

Couple Fighting

Ladies, Stop Busting Your Mans Package!

You were once in love with the man of your dreams. Now all you can do is bust on him 24/7 Why???

Heart Sign

So, Why Didn't He Call?

From a man’s point of view, women get really jazzed up very easily.

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