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Get Out Your Head And Start Living

I spoke to an old dating coaching client of mine this morning. She told me she’d met a guy she was super attracted to. They’d been texting, they’d been messaging on the Internet, and they’d spoken on the phone every day. She’s attracted ...

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Why Men Are Hunters & How You Can Attract Them

I was driving through West Hollywood last weekend. For those of you who don't know West Hollywood, it's boy's town.  So, I'm driving through boy's town with a friend of mine. We're looking out the window and I say, "Look at all this male energy." Men, no matter if ...

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What To Do If He Asks For A Threesome

You're in a relationship with a great guy, and everything's going really well. He treats you like as princess, he makes you laugh, and the sex is HOT! Then one day, you're chatting in the kitchen about your sexual fantasies. ...

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Dating? Go From 'Why Won't He Call?' To 'Who Cares!'

He hasn't called you back. At first you felt comfortable waiting it out, but now it's starting to really upset you. Didn't you have fun together? Doesn't he care about you? You're sick of being treated like this by guys. You asked all your friends what they think. You've spent hours ...

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How To Keep The Passion Alive

Picture this: you're in a long-term relationship. Things have been going great — you take care of each other, love each other's company and have settled into a cozy routine. You couldn't be happier ... except for one thing: these days, sex happens about as often as a lunar eclipse. You ...

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Articles by David Wygant
Jump For Joy

Get Out Your Head And Start Living

Find out why you sometimes need to take a chance on love, even when you risk being hurt.

Cocktail Lady

Why Men Are Hunters & How You Can Attract Them

You know men tirelessly pursue women, so why aren't they chasing you? Read on to find out.

Trouble In Paradise

What To Do If He Asks For A Threesome

Your man just asked you for a threesome! What are you going to do? Here's the best way to react.

Dating Coach: Don't Waste Your Time On The Wrong Men

Dating? Go From 'Why Won't He Call?' To 'Who Cares!'

Does it drive you crazy when guys don't call you back? Here's why it shouldn't bother you.

Keep The Passion Alive: Tips From A Relationship Coach

How To Keep The Passion Alive

Try these tips to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

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