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10 Things Men Love About Breasts

As you are well-aware, men's love affair with the female breast goes back centuries, perhaps even to the beginning of time (before chomping on the apple, Adam may not have known the significance of Eve's frontal accoutrements, but he knew what he liked.) Guys ...

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A Short Comment On Long Hair

Men love long hair…on women, that is. No matter what your husband, lover, boyfriend or significant other may say, all things being equal, your guy would rather see your hair long and luxurious than short and stylish. This may not be exactly what you ...

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Post-Breakup Rebound? Why Men Move On So Fast

When I use the words "men" and "rebound" in the same sentence, male minds might quickly conjure up thoughts of their favorite NBA teams. Women, however, understand that I am addressing the phenomenon of rushing into a new relationship after the ...

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Why Do Guys Love Blow Jobs?

Question: Most of my life I have wondered why men have this pre-occupation with the almighty blow job. It can be a subject of great contention for some women. My husband has told me on numerous occasions that this is a subject that men discuss and one of his ...

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Men Are Simple

I think it is appropriate that my first column should deal with the most fundamental truth about men, and that is this: Men are simple. I know some of you may be thinking that I’ve completely sold out my brethren in an effort to pander to my female ...

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Articles by David M. Matthews
10 Things Men Love About Breasts [EXPERT]

10 Things Men Love About Breasts

Here's why your dynamic duo tops their list of favorite things.

Mirror Image

A Short Comment On Long Hair

Though they may be reluctant to admit it, when it comes to your hair - men think "more is more."

Post-Breakup Rebound? Why Men Move On So Fast [EXPERT]

Post-Breakup Rebound? Why Men Move On So Fast

Just because he's seeing someone else doesn't mean he isn't heartbroken over you.

Why Do Guys Love Blow Jobs? [EXPERT]

Why Do Guys Love Blow Jobs?

5 reasons why men can't resist oral sex.

Holiday Party

Men Are Simple

Women often give men credit for being more complicated than they are. Here's the plain truth.

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