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Is Your Husband Pursuing 'Extracurricular' Activities?

Question: I think my husband has a porn problem. I have even seen stuff on our computer suggesting he is in communication with other women. You should know that he has always been very affectionate with me and that hasn’t changed. Our sex life is a little ...

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When Men Say ‘I’ll Call You’

One thing you can usually depend on with men (other than leaving the toilet seat up), is that you can take our words at face value. Our speech is primarily goal-oriented and our words can be taken literary. One important example to the contrary, however, is the ...

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9 Things You Need To Know About Condoms

Last week I wrote a column on the secrets of men. I spilled the beans on the fact that most men don't know much about condoms, except that they're a mood-killer, sensation-duller and overall huge pain. In that article, ...

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4 Dirty Little Secrets Your Man Is Hiding From You

Although, as I have stated in the past, men are fairly simple creatures, there is still a side of us we try to keep to ourselves. And while it may seem we are hiding something in an effort to increase our mystique, we are, in fact, simply concealing a number of dirty little secrets that we don’t ...

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10 Clues To Tell If He Is Cheating

Men cheat. Not all men, or even most men. But, certainly enough men that the males species have earned an untrustworthy reputation. But, how can you know if your guy ...

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Yes No Maybe

Is Your Husband Pursuing 'Extracurricular' Activities?

He seems to be watching online porn and emailing a past girlfriend. Is their marriage in jeopardy?

Oh My

When Men Say ‘I’ll Call You’

What men REALLY mean when they utter these words at the end of a first date.

9 Things You Need To Know About Condoms [EXPERT]

9 Things You Need To Know About Condoms

Safe sex isn't so safe if you don't know the basic rules of condom usage. Here's the lowdown!

Brain Puzzle

4 Dirty Little Secrets Your Man Is Hiding From You

Think your guy is an open book? Think again.

10 Clues To Tell If He Is Cheating [EXPERT]

10 Clues To Tell If He Is Cheating

Are you suspicious that your husband is cheating on you? Here's a checklist of telltale signs.

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