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She Wants Him To Be More Than 'Friends With Benefits'

Question: I am fairly young, 23, and I've been hooking up with this guy for 7 months now.  When we started hooking up he stated that he didn’t want a girlfriend, and he still feels the same way. Recently I told him that I was developing feelings ...

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4 Things Men Love

A few months ago, I wrote a column about three things that men hate.  It was meant to illuminate those things that men generally feel negatively toward.  However, it may have erroneously created the impression that guys are discontented with their lives and possess a primarily negative ...

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Does Mom Have A Right To Pursue A New Love?

Question:  My question is a little unique. I am considering remarriage to a wonderful man, however; I have a daughter who is legally blind, and she has a beautiful 3- year-old daughter. If I remarry, I would be moving out of state. My daughter is not anywhere near being self sufficient and I am not going to ...

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Men and Talking Dirty

As I have pointed out many times before, men are visual creatures.  We see something, and if we find it to be at all sexually appealing, we are apt to become aroused.  Consequently I think most would agree that sight is a primary sexual stimulator for the male of the species.  What may surprise ...

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Help, I Think The ‘Other Woman’ Has A Penis!

Question:  I have a question about men being interested in watching transsexuals on a porn site and then having sexual dreams about penises. My boyfriend who is straight had a relationship with a transsexual about six years ago and still keeps in contact by ...

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Articles by David M. Matthews

She Wants Him To Be More Than 'Friends With Benefits'

What happens when one person wants 'more' in a relationship and the other doesn't?


4 Things Men Love

Still trying to figure out what men like? Here is a short list of what will make your guy smile.


Does Mom Have A Right To Pursue A New Love?

When do your responsibilities as a parent take a backseat to your own happiness?

In Bed

Men and Talking Dirty

What sexy words will really get him going? A few tips on how to become a master of aural sex.


Help, I Think The ‘Other Woman’ Has A Penis!

Should you be threatened if your boyfriend's still hot for his ex - the girl with something extra?

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